Sometimes in our lives, our eyes are opened to something that once we have seen it, we simply cannot turn our backs on it. For me, circumcision is that issue. Once I educated myself on this practice, I simply could not remain silent. We owe it to our precious baby boys to learn all we can and share information. Most parents who choose this non-therapeutic surgery for their baby boys do not know what they are choosing and the short-term and lasting effects it can have on their baby and the man their son will become, and their future partners. Here are some resources that can help parents become informed. Knowledge is power.

We must find the courage to talk about this sensitive and taboo topic. Gather your courage. Spread the word.

Circumcision Gone Wrong: "If Only"

Circumcision Decision Maker

Circumcision Surgery Explained

Video: An Elephant in the Hospital

Photographs of Intact Vs. Circumcised, Infants & Adults

NOCIRC: National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centre

The Male Perspective; How Grown Men Now Feel About Being Circumcised as Infants

How to Care For Your Intact Son


Excellent list of resources. Thank you for speaking up.

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