Monday, 12 December 2011

Circumcision Regret; Brave Mamas Sharing their Stories

Some of the bravest moms out there are the ones who had their sons circumcised, regretted it, then went on to educate and share their stories with other moms, in order to prevent them from making the same decision. Here are just a few of the hundreds of articles out there of moms doing just that.

Unfortunately this list could go on and on. Thanks to all the brave mamas out there for speaking out and sharing their stories – it takes a lot of courage to do so. Thank you also to the mamas out there who are sharing their stories through Facebook, on the phone or over a cup of tea. You will make a difference to someone!

I am currently working on a letter to my member of parliament at a federal and provincial level; these stories and the countless number of stories out there are a testament to the fact that there is not enough education on this topic in the health care system. Parents are clearly not often informed of what the procedure entails and the short-term and lasting effects on babies, the breastfeeding relationship, mother-son bonding, short and long term complications for their sons and their future spouses/partners, etc.

We are the protectors of our children. Please, raise your voice with me, share information, write your MP, tell your friends. Together let’s put a stop to this.   

With gratitude,


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