Monday, 29 August 2011

If Only For Today...

Motherhood is filled with guilt and doubt and judgement. Unfortunate, but true. Breast vs bottle, pro-vax vs no vax, co-sleep vs cry-it-out, cloth vs disposable, front facing vs rear facing, circ vs no-circ; the list goes on and on. It seems endless, the things that divide us as mothers. There are discussions, debates and even bullying that result.

But today I want to highlight one thing we can all agree on; we love our children. Love is at the very core of every debate I just mentioned. We are all so passionate because we care so much.

If only for today...

Let us set aside our differences, and focus on the common ground we share; our love for our babies, however big or small.

Let us look at our little ones (or bigger ones) as they are on this day, for they will never be this little again. Take time to notice their mannerisms, the way they waddle or trot or sprint across the floor. The pitter patter of their little feet will only last so long.

Savor the way they smile at you, hug you, give you drooly open-mouthed kisses!

Take time today to wrestle or chase or tickle or dance. Blow raspberries on their little tummies. Giggle, laugh, snort.

These are the days. We will always want this back. When we are old in our rocking chairs, thinking about 'the old days', these will be the days we will remember. In the chaos of family life, in the midst of the hussle and bustle, take an extra minute today to watch your children play. Watch them sleep. Take pictures. Hold them close. Tell them a hundred 'I love yous'. Kiss their little nose and little toes. Blow bubbles. Hold hands. Sing to them.

Tomorrow you can go back to saving the world. For today, savor, love and enjoy your little ones. They won't be little forever.

With gratitude,

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.
-- Indian Proverb


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