Sunday, 10 July 2011

Turquoise: History & Meaning

I'm just drawn to it. I can't describe it. Turquoise is just a perfect gift from nature and is, hands down, my favorite semi-precious gemstone. 

Sometimes referred to as the "bones of Mother Earth", gemstones have undeniably played a part in the history of mankind. For centuries, people have admired them for their beauty as well as their symbolic meanings and healing properties. It is thought that the reason they contain so much energy and power is because they come from deep within the earth and hold the earth's incredible energy within themselves.

Turquoise, in particular, is a stone of wisdom and power and is said to bring the wearer increased health, and immune function as well as spiritual healing. It is also said to attract wealth, happiness, and love. Turquoise is one of the official birthstones for the month of December and comes in varying colors, from teal green to sky blue and everything in between. Because it is such a porous and fragile stone, many turquoise stones are dyed and/or stabilized to create a harder, more vibrant stone. 

Turquoise is found in numerous sites around the world, most commonly in China, Africa and the United States. It is thought that it's name comes from the fact that it was introduced to North Americans by the "Turks". 

Howlite is a semi-precious stone often dyed turquoise to imitate genuine turquoise. While it is not the real thing, it is still a semi-precious stone with it's own unique properties. Howlite is "the calming stone" and can helping reduce stress and negativity of the wearer.

Weather you like turquoise for it's potential healing properties or just its rich beautiful color, this is a timeless stone that is always fashionable in my mind! 

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You're off to a beautiful start! Your photography is great and one feels good in reading your posts. Thanks for stopping by mine earlier! Best wishes for lots of followers... I bet you get them.
What great information! There are very few things that never go out of style and turquoise is one of them. It is timeless and beaufiul.

I just noticed that you are new to blogging, like the commenter above me said, your photography is beaufiful, you have good reading material, and it looks like you will have a great blog. Definitely one I plan to follow!
Thanks so much for the great feedback - I'm thrilled that you are liking what I'm doing so far! Thanks for taking the time to let me know:)
I love the turquoise! your blog is great! love the background/lay out!
Where do I find the jewelry? I would love to buy some.
Thanks. Michelle
Hi Michelle! My Etsy shop is

I am taking a breather for a while and am not doing custom orders, but I do have a few things for sale. Check back in the coming months to see any new items!

Thanks for your interest in my work:)

Thank you Lori. Both my Mom and I are interested. ;)

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