Friday, 8 July 2011

Empowerment: The Birth of a Blog

The day I became a mother something changed within me. I had a beautiful perfect new baby and a new role in life. But something else happened too. I became empowered. My mother had always told me how empowering childbirth was for her and I never understood what she meant until I became a mother myself. While I was giving birth I let my primal instincts take over and was astounded by the power and focus of my mind and my body. When it was all over I felt like I could do anything!

Since then, like with any new mom, there have more than a few bumps along the road; some have felt like potholes, and others more like giant sink holes; but each time I overcome a challenge, my confidence grows. The empowerment I felt giving birth has stuck with me and has carried me through the hard times.


The empowerment that I feel is something I want to share and spread. I am so grateful for freedom of speech and for this avenue to put out what I want to share for the betterment of your life and mine. I have a fire burning within me; a creative fire and a fire and passion for change that must now be released (I just can't hold it in anymore!!). Our world is ever-changing, and we have the power to make those changes ones that will make us all happier and healthier now and will extend to the generations to come.

We are all teachers (whether we realize it or not) and we are all students too. I learn so much from all of the people sharing my journey with me, even those who do not share my viewpoints and opinions. They are my teachers as well, however frustrating it may be to disagree.


Today I give birth to a fresh new blog – my first blog – to talk about anything and everything. I want to use this blog as an avenue for sharing; sharing ideas, information, inspiration, tools for life and of course, empowerment!

I have things I want to say, feelings I want to convey and love to spread around. And lucky for me, I can.

So join me, won't you?

With gratitude,


What a beautiful first post, and congratulations on your new blog! I love that you described childbirth as primal and instinctual - that's exactly how it was for me, too. When it came time to give birth, I knew "This is what my body was made for," and I trusted it to deliver our children, in its own time and in its own way (and with the assistance of the midwives at the birth center, of course!).

Judging by this first post, it looks like writing and inspiring folks is going to be one of the things you were made for. I can't wait to read more!
congrats on a lovely blog! i am now your follower. :) come check out my blog too!
i think your shop would be a great fit for a feature on my blog. hope to hear from you soon (send me an etsy convo, GreenManNaturals, there is a link to my shop/profile on my blog)! salaam!
Very lovely post. It is so heartwarming and empowering.
I am visiting from the Etsy Success Team.
Thanks for the great feedback everyone:) So appreciated!
Beautiful post and I love the colors of your blog...I think you are going to enjoy it being here:):)
Congrats on joining the blogging community ~ I hope you enjoy an amazing journey! If you get stuck on anything, feel free to stop by my blog, I offer loads of free helpful tutorials. ;D

Beautiful blog!

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